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As a business, you need to market to customers using the most cost effective methods. Not only is Every Door Direct Mailing or EDDM affordable, but it is also a growing trend among businesses that want to increase revenue without sacrificing profits. There is no mailing list required for EDDM, but you can still target customers based on location. Growing your business will now only cost you in cents for every piece of mail sent instead of dollars. At 704 Sign Printing, we can be your go-to Every Door Direct Mailing printer that continues to add to your savings. Servicing Charlotte, NC and all surrounding areas, we are the professional printing company that assists businesses just like you.

Don’t Waste Time Collecting Mailing List
Sending postcards or ads to specific addresses will cost you substantial amounts of money. However, with EDDM, you can get the same marketing results for a fraction of the price. With EDDM, it will only cost you 18.3 cents per piece for mailing postage. This is so much more affordable and still enables you to get your advertisement into the hands of potential customers. Instead of sending mail to specific addresses, you send your postcard ads to specific neighborhoods. You have the ability to not only choose specific carrier routes, but can also control the drop date.

What Size Postcards Can You Use?
There are 4 common United States Postal Service’s postcard sizes. At 704 Sign Printing, we offer all 4 options including 4.25 x 10.625, 4.25 x 15, 6.25 x 9 and 6 x 12. This allows you to choose the specific size that meets your needs based on the ad design that you have in mind.

Why Choose EDDM?

You might think that a mailing list is the only way to advertise your business, but there are much more affordable ways. EDDM offers a variety of benefits that make it the ideal way to grow your business and stay within your marketing budget.

The cost of 18.3 cents per piece of mailing postage extremely affordable and simply can’t be beat. By choosing 704 Sign Printing for all of your EDDM printing needs, you can do away with mailing lists and forget about having to acquire a postage permit. No postage permit is needed for EDDM, which only adds to your savings. You can even get access to the higher response rate that is attached to large format postcards.

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