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If you are looking to add style to your home or place of business, framed images can be the best way to blend elegance with personalized style. You might think that traditional glossy photos displayed in a frame is your only option, but canvas prints is quickly becoming the most desired design trend. At 704 Sign Printing, we specialize in canvas prints and offer this type of service to Charlotte, NC and all surrounding areas.

What is a Canvas Print?
You might not be completely familiar with what canvas prints are and how they look. Canvas prints are essentially the result of an image that has been printed onto a canvas. The canvas has either been stretched or gallery-wrapped in order to accommodate the image that is then put in a frame. Canvas prints can be made using stock photos or even personal photographs. If you want images in your home or place of business that offer unique style and flair, it might be time to take advantage of the canvas prints services offered by 704 Sign Printing in Charlotte, NC.

Look Like a Painting
Now your favorite images and photographs can look like real paintings. So instead of being printed as a glossy photograph, which is expected, your favorite images can look like art. Canvas prints actually offer a variety of benefits over other more traditional printing methods.
Here are the biggest reasons why canvas printing is preferred:

Professional and More Elegant Appearance
The high gloss sheen of traditional photographs can be a bit distracting and take away from the overall appeal of the image. Canvas prints simply look more professional all around and allow for every color, detail and line to look more brilliant and unblemished. If you have an important image that you want to display in your home or office, it will look so much more visually appealing and professional if you choose the canvas printing method.

Long Lasting Durability
Canvas printing is also preferred due to the high levels of durability that it provides. Having your prized photos printed onto a canvas will not only enhance the image, but also allow it to last longer. As long as canvas prints are not exposed to extreme direct sunlight, they will stand the test of time and be a memory that you can cherish for many years. Quality and three dimensional capabilities are just an added bonus when you are contemplating the benefits of canvas prints.

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Printed on poly/cotton blend canvas - Real Wood Stretcher Bars - Pigment Inks - U.V. Coating for added protection
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