Wall Mural Advertising & Decor Benefits

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Wall murals are an excellent way to dress up your home or small business. 704 Sign Printing offers professional wall mural printing services in Charlotte that will help transform any blank wall. In this article, we will first focus on mural creation for small businesses and companies. Before you begin the design process, it is first necessary to be aware of some important points.

Some may argue that murals, billboards, and other similar promotional materials are overused due to the abundance of this type of media in today’s society. However, with the right combination of design elements, your business mural can easily stand out from the crowd, and draw in potential clients and customers. Carefully consider the text that you will include on your wall mural. All text should be large enough to read from a distance, and fonts should be kept simple in order to maintain legibility. If you choose to place your business related mural behind the cash register for example, consider including your business motto or mission statement. We are shown hundreds of messages on a daily basis, so it is important to ensure that your mural stands out by including your unique business motto. A professionally executed wall mural will leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers, and will most likely result in more sales in the future. Another important aspect of your mural to consider is color. Contrasting colors are necessary in order to draw attention to your mural. 704 Sign Printing has a team of expert graphic designers who can help you choose the best colors and design layout for your mural. We also have a wide variety of templates available, expediting the design process and ensuring that your final product will be effective and profitable. The design team can help you personalize these templates to your liking, so feel free to contact 704 Sign Printing in Charlotte, if you need any assistance in the design process.

While wall murals can be an excellent tool for your small business or company, they can also act as an excellent addition to your own home. If you have a blank wall or drab room in your home, then maybe your need a bright and refreshing wall mural to spruce up your décor. They should not stand out like a soar thumb; they should integrate elegantly into the interior design of your home. Before jumping into the design process, take a moment to notice the colors and shapes that dominate your décor. It is important to repeat these colors, textures, and shapes in your wall murals. For example, if your couch has green and brown throw pillows, consider incorporating green, and some earth tones. In this case, a nature related mural might be appropriate for your room. In another example, maybe your table or the upholstery on your chairs incorporates elegant curving shapes. It would be strategic to repeat these curving shapes into your wall mural. Consider an abstract piece with an organic and natural theme that complements the design elements in your décor.

Taking an inventory of the preexisting design elements of your décor is also important for the creation of a mural for your small business. Consider repeating a color or logo in your mural that already exist in the décor of your shop or office. With these design tips, you should be on the right track towards creating attractive and effective wall murals for your home or business. Finally, don’t forget to contact the Charlotte experts at 704 Sign Printing if you are looking for professional printing services and design help.

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